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When You First Wake Up

When you first wake up Just for a moment There is no revolution No killing and slapping and gassing Everything is quiet, had never existed Black blank It is not cold and dewy on the windows And you are fine

The Day When

There was nothing to laugh about Payam stopped dancing Stopped making fun of his dad’s silly screaming Started crying and imploring Tara stopped acking Stopped smiling and snacking, so unethical Started teaching and absorbing pain Maz stopped cracking jokes             Stoodup standup             Started marching The day when there was nothing to study Leila stopped…

For the Persians of the Final Revolution

We saw it all with you Wailing behind a photo of her son The only necessary proof Hurling wild hair Shining in Tehrani sun on paled scalps Clutched in fistfulls pouring over gravesides


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a child's crayon drawing of a home with colorful flowers and a snow-capped mountain peak in the distance

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