About the Author

Jay B. Hughes loves to write poetry interspersed with rich but simple dream narratives. He loves when






A scientist writer, musician and beach bicyclist from the mountains, he also writes fiction and memoir about the search for religion and spirituality, the perils and pleasures of science in society, the overwhelming mysteries of love and other such nonsense.

The Author

About the ‘About the Author’ section

This was conceived, written and edited by the author himself in the third person for purposes of sounding like another, entirely unrelated and different author altogether was interested in concisely summarizing their take on that first author, the author in question, to give a more personal touch by way of describing one’s own life through the impersonal lens of a never-existent observer.

Historical Iterations & Juvenilia  


“The Grizzly Bear”

This book is about a boy and his father going on a camping trip in the Great Grizzly Mountains. They meet up with a grizzly bear. “DO THEY GET HURT????” Read my book to see how it turns out.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  My name is Jay Hughes.  I Have a brother and a sister.  My birthday is on May 1st 1982.  I am in the third grade at Pine Grove Elementary School.

Out of print, Duck Tails Pub (defunct )


“The Strangest Snowy Day”

This book is about a 9 year old boy named Jimmy and his brother Steve.  Steve starts a snow war with Jimmy. Jimmy thinks he’s going to get creamed.  But it is a magical snowman to the rescue.  If you like magic, you’ll love this book.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Jay Hughes is nine years old.  He lives in Pine Grove.  Jay likes to play soccer and he plays the forward position.  He likes winter sports too.  His favorite subject is Math.  This is his second book.  Jay thinks it is fun to write books.

Out of print, Silver Diamond Pub. (defunct)


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Are you a reader, listener, subscriber, painter, fellow writer, translator, cook, agent, publisher, journalist, sidewalk chalker, musician, blackout poet, community ally, photographer, parent, landscape architect, scientist, ___-warrior, teacher, student, healthcare worker, long-term care giver, and/or otherwise? Whether you were moved, angered, inspired or flabbergasted, let me know!  


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